Install TensorFlow:

To install the library we will create an environment in Anaconda with python 3.5 we name it tensorflow. However, you may choose your own desired name for it. Open command prompt (or terminal) and type:

conda create --name tensorflow python=3.5 

Once the environment is created, we can activate the environment:

(for Windows):

activate tensorflow 

(for Linux & Mac):

source activate tensorflow

At this step, the name of the environment will appear at the beginning of the line. such as:

(tensorflow) >> 

Now you can go ahead and install the TensorFlow:

(for Windows):

(CPU version):

pip install --upgrade tensorflow 

(GPU version):

pip install --upgrade tensorflow-gpu 

(for Linux):

(CPU version):

(GPU version):

(for Mac):

(CPU version):

pip install --ignore-installed --upgrade 

Thanks for reading! If you have any question or doubt, feel free to leave a comment. To download jupyter notebooks and fork in github please visit our github.


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